What style is your home? Can you even tell? Often times, with additions, and changes throughout the years our homes take on multiple styles, and don’t fit cleanly into just one style.  Here are 5 popular home styles, and a little bit about them. Which are your favorite?

  1. Craftsman: This is defined by low-pitched roof lines, deep overhanging eaves, exposed rafters or decorative brackets, tapered square columns, hand-crafted stone or woodwork, and mixed materials. Many also have Frank Lloyd Wright design motifs.
  2. Cape Cod: This type of home usually is covered with unpainted shingles, which overtime become an earthy gray color. Usually there is no front porch, but the front door is painted in a district color. The home also usually has shutters which match the front door color, or are painted white. The roof is steep, with a small overhang.
  3. Dutch Colonial: This type of home resembles a barn. Often there is a porch along one or both sides of the home, with a chimney at one end as well. Double-hung each windows with outward swinging wood shutters and a central double door round off the style of this home.
  4. Mediterranean: This style encompasses Spanish Renaissance & Colonial, as well as Italian Renaissance styles, with homes that draw heavily on the style of palaces and seaside villas. Usually the home is based on a rectangular floor plan and the facade is symmetrical and massive, with stucco walls, red tile roofs and arch and circular windows with iron balconies.
  5. Tudor: This home usually features decorative half-timbering, with a steeply pitched roof. Prominent cross gables, with tall, narrow doors and windows (which usually have small window panes) and large chimneys (often with decorative chimney pots) round off this style.

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