When doing a project on your home it can be overwhelming. You are not only having to try to explain the image you see in your head to someone hoping that they will maybe end up getting it down on paper correctly, but then you have to hope that the vision put on paper translates to the person actually doing the building. With all of these steps there is a lot that can get lost, and when it’s your home you don’t want to risk that. At HHTA we have architects that take your entire project into consideration with their designs.
Design/Build Team
In one of our earlier blog posts we talked about how important it is for your architect and builder to have a relationship— your architect is your designer, and they turn what you envision your home to be into reality which your builder physically puts together. When you have a vision for something in your house it is imperative that the execution of it is what you have been imagining.

So before you go to start your NJ home project, talk to HHTA so you can form a design/build team that will allow your home to truly shine.