Beachfront homes in new jersey with gray wooden siding and white columns.

Building a waterfront property in New Jersey should be fun. This house represents who you are and the features and design speak to your personality and style. Location is just as important; having your beachfront home on elevated property can help you avoid flooding. Keep that in mind when you are purchasing your land.

luxury Beachfront property with working bar and HD flatscreen LED LCD television with an L-shaped couch

Entertaining at your beach home is a breeze when your layout is as inviting as this.There is something for everyone. A bar with stools, a flat screen HD TV and L-shaped couch, and a table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

beach house in new jersey with wood sidings and weather vane.

Classic architectural design helps age your new property. We believe in a balance between modern comforts and timeless design. What will your beach house look like?


waterfront property has a bar with open window looking out over beach in new jersey

Unwind at your open bar. Your friends and family will have unforgettable nights as they look out over the natural beauty of New Jersey.

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