Two story commercial real estate with off white siding and a grey shingled roof with brown aluminum gutters and drains reach to the green shrubbery and bushes that line the building.

Two story commercial real estate construction can give your property more square footage, creating something truly appealing for tenants. This building was built by Hiland Hall Turner Architects otherwise known as HHTA and is located in Rumson, New Jersey.

two story commercial real estate in rudson new jersey. The building has white siding, a grey roof, and green trees and small bushes in the front of the building next to the side walk.

Using bushes, trees, and shrubs you can create a commercial space that feels like home. These plants stop light and street noise from entering  through your first floor windows. Building in Rumson, New Jersey. 

Trees line  the windows of a two story commercial building in Rumson, New Jersey. Structure built and designed by Hiland hall Turner Architects

The windows on the top and ground floors of this building allow light to enter the structure. The use of trees breaks the direct heat of the sun while still retaining the desired lighting.

two story commercial building in rumson new jersey. Built by Hiland Hall Turner Architects of New Jersey.

When upgrading or converting real estate into commercial buildings it is important to understand the purpose of the building. Here Hiland Hall Turner Architects wanted to create an inviting  structure which compliments the community. Strive for something open, spacious, inviting, and professional. That’s how you fill up a parking lot.

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Here at HHTA, we can help you create memorable commercial properties that impress. Hiland Hall Turner Architects have award winning designers helping commercial real estate owners throughout New Jersey.

Create a compelling property to draw customers in for your business partners. When tenants generate revenue, you generate revenue.

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