It has been about 8 months since Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, and there are still many families wondering what to do with their home. If you happen to be one of the homeowners, you shouldn’t wait any longer! With over 25 years of experience designing and building homes along the shore, HHTA can help make the process of restoring your NJ Shore house easier.

HHTA created H2Oceans to assist NJ Shore homeowners in rebuilding and restoring their homes at the Jersey Shore. H2Oceans is your NJ Shore House Restoration team, with top-notch architects, engineers, and builders, H2Oceans ensures that the homes will be stronger than ever – every home that HHTA built withstood the Super Storm Sandy.

Now, other questions may arise. Should I repair the damage or build a new home? And what are some storm-resistant techniques? Architect Hiland Hall Turner of HHTA and H2Oceans is featured in Design NJ’s magazine to help answer your NJ Shore House Restoration questions. In this June/July 2013 issue, Turner provides a look at some important ways to restoring or building storm-resistant homes.

Homeowners should decide whether or not the damage is extensive, and what they can afford to do. If the damage is not extensive, you may be able to repair the damaged areas only. However, if it is extensive, you should lean towards building a newer and improved home. Although it generally costs more to build a new structure, you should keep in mind that the new structure will be much more stable. Whether you decide to build or repair portions of your home call H2Oceans for experts in NJ Shore architecture, engineering and building.

Some Storm-Resistant Building Techniques

• Lifting Your Home
• Deep Pile Foundations
• Building On Stilts
• Flood Vents

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