Spring Lake Cottage

HHTA is nearing completion on this elegant, yet charming residence, which is set on a small footprint on a secondary street in the town of Spring Lake. The design allowed for over 5,000 square feet of living space, yet the home still maintains a cozy look and feel. The exterior is surfaced with Alaskan yellow cedar, which will darken through the seasons. This will give the cottage a time-worn feel that is consistent with shore-shingle homes of the New Jersey Shore. The attenuated rooflines allow for a third floor to be developed in an elegant and graceful manner and begin a vocabulary of Victorian overtones while retaining the shingle style. The front porch respects the character of the streetscape while the protruding balcony and curved inset walls add playfulness to the home’s street-side façade. The porch offset entry creates subtle symmetry. Inside, a beautiful staircase is bathed in natural light from a stunning, adorned two-story window. Projecting gables and bracketing as well as diamond-latticed windows celebrate the era of early Spring Lake shore homes.