A Rumson Estate

Located on eight acres on the southern coastline of the Navasink River, this picturesque home is a lovely adaption of an English cottage. Stone and stucco surfaces create a striking exterior desired by the English-born homeowner, who sought a home that would celebrate his heritage. The rear of the home is seated upon a raised terrace, which creates stunning water views. From the lower level, a great lawn is accessible. The rear facades’ large glass conservatories let in the natural light from the south. The sweeping hip roofs are adorned with heavy-hand, split cedar shingles, giving texture to the home, while highlighting the two-story elements: balconies, windows and doors. In a similar fashion, the entry courtyard on the north side of the home features a one-story, cottage-style carriage house with a porte-cochere connecting the main home to the garage. The use of hand-hewn columns and beams emphasizes this home’s ancestral connection to England, while the garden entries and pastures throughout the property emulate the English countryside.