Are you creating a luxury home wine cellar to protect your investment and enjoy your passion in peace? We have some wine cellar innovations  you should check out. Take a look out our most recent completed interior design project. Whatever your goals are for your wine cellar, these images will help you plan it.

Restored Luxury Wine Cellar innovations

Fully Restored Luxury Wine Cellar Completely Stocked. Reclaimed wood and brickwork.

Brickwork ceiling

Restored brickwork. Shelves are categorized by region.

Hanging Wine Rack

Vertical wall storage for extra bottles.

Airtight Humidor and Marble Sink with Brasswork Faucet

This is a two door airtight humidor which can store cigar collections and drastically improve their shelf life while maintaining flavor. Don’t forget to add these wine cellar innovations when you create your unique cellar space.
Glass shelf for Scotch and other beverages above a marble counter-top with brass-ware faucet.

Luxury wine cellar completed

This project was completed by Hiland Hall Turner Architects of New Jersey which specializes in luxury home construction and historical building restoration.

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