Historic Homes – 5 Tips for Radiator Repair

  1. Quit stifling your one-pipe steam radiator. Hands off. The steam needs to share confined space with naturally occurring radiator condensation. Be sure to keep your valve either completely open or 100% shut to avoid hissing  air vents and pipe pounding.
  2.  Thermostatic radiator valves are ideal when you need to cut off any radiator to save fuel. Go out and buy one and have it installed. It’s a great investment if you are looking to keep your steam heat, especially after a renovation.
  3. If you are renovating your historic home, you should probably put a finish on your radiators. Most professionals agree that sandblasting coupled with powder coating leaves you with a durable, long lasting, smooth finish. We do not recommend that you tackle this on your own. We recommend you hire a professional. Ask your architect to help you find someone with experience so you can be sure to keep with the era of your home.
  4. Steam heating rarely produces even 50% the required temperature to start a fire with paper. Rest easy, your newspaper isn’t going to set ablaze. Now, that bundle of cords behind your TV is another story.
  5. Get your steam heaters checked before every winter. It’s the safest way to avoid a catastrophe during the coldest night of the year.

Here at HHTA, we can help you create your luxurious dream home. We have award winning architects who can ease your concern when making the difficult choices, such as keeping steam heat or going for a new havoc system. HHTA can help you restore your historical project to what it once was, even after a natural disaster, like Hurricane Sandy. Do not take on more than you can handle. Contact us to get started on your historic home restoration.

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