Happy Independence Day! It is a gorgeous day here at the Jersey Shore, a perfect place to spend this long holiday weekend. As we were driving down route 35 we couldn’t help but notice not only the destruction from the storm, but also the rebuilding, the new homes, and the positive feelings and happiness that the rebuilding is creating.

Picking up our badges at the office, we met other friendly beach-goers, happy to wish us a Happy 4th. You can tell when you’re down here how much everyone loves the Jersey shore, how happy the beach and the ocean make each of us feel.

Everyone wants their own little paradise at the NJ shore – we do too. So, as you’re looking to rebuild or restore your home, or know someone who would like to rebuild or restore their home, give us a call. We are the NJ shore architects you can count on – the homes we’ve designed and build withstood Sandy, they are built to last. This 4th of July take the next step in creating your NJ shore paradise.