We’ve told you before that we’re the design build team you’ve been searching for back in August in “Your NJ Architect and Builder” and “Your Dream Design/Build Team.” So, you know that we’ve been practicing architecture since 1989, that we’ve been awarded numerous awards for our excellence in design and for designing new homes with historic character and charm.

This time, we aren’t going to be boasting about what we can do for you. We’re going to give you some tips of what you should be doing if you’re thinking about starting a home renovation, or new home project yourself.

Give Yourself Time! Don’t think you can start interviewing an architect and have everything completed in a couple months. You should SELECT your architect AT LEAST 1 year before you want to get into your new home. And really, even earlier is better, especially depending on the scope of work.

Be Prepared to Wait! Once you’ve decided on the design you LOVE with your Architect keep in mind you must go through town approvals! Many municipalities throughout New Jersey are very strict on what can and cannot be built, setbacks, drainage etc. Prepare yourself for waiting once your drawings go into these departments for permits. And, if you need a variance, keep in mind that process alone could take a couple months!

Get Recommendations! Ask the people you know, like and trust for recommendations when it comes to contractors to build your home. Ask your architect who they like working with, often times you’ll get a better result when you use a team that likes working together!

Go Shopping! Know what you like ahead of time, so when it comes time to pulling the trigger on the purchase you won’t doubt yourself after it. Look at colors, textures, etc. when you don’t have the pressure to make a decision, it will be easier to later, once you’ve let it sit with you.

Go Internet Browsing! Pinterest, Houzz, Dig – these sites were created for you! Use them to get ideas, create ideabooks and share them with your contractors so they know what you want. Again, it will make it easier later when you go to make the final decision.

Start with the Outside. New windows, new siding, new roofing. This is what you’re going to need to make decisions on first, so start looking at those products first. Once you’ve decided on them move onto the inside. Kitchens and Baths are going to be where you’ll need to make the most decisions, so they’re probably a good place to start looking at next.

Relax. We’ve all worked with stressed people before, and we all know they aren’t any fun. So relax, and let this project be fun for you. Don’t stress over everything, it will all work out!

And, of course if you need help getting started you know who to call!