As your parents and in-laws get older they need more attention from you. With sicknesses and old age this often means that it’s time for them to join you under your roof. Often this means that you need to creatively come up with space to provide them with the privacy they need, and you need! As you start thinking about creating an in-law addition to your home, think about what they will need:

  • A Living Area where they can socialize and watch TV and Movies together
  • A Kitchen or Kitchenette depending on how much they like to cook
  • A Dining Area that can seat at least 4 people if they’d like to have guests
  • A Bathroom with a shower that is easily accessible as they age
  • A Bedroom that provides them with their own oasis

Here at HHTA we can create a space for them within your home to help you all live comfortably together. So, contact us today to learn more about how we can design an in-law addition to your NJ home.