The Barns at Gladstone

The Barns at Gladstone have long contributed to the picturesque and historic streetscape of the borough of Peapack-Gladstone. Hiland Hall Turner was engaged to provide a design to convert one of the buildings, a hay barn that was built in 1829, into a high-tech office space—while preserving the character of the original structure.

This commercial project was originally planned as 1,200 square feet of rentable office space —adhering to the zoning restriction of one floor area—but through research, creativity, and numerous discussions with the municipality, we developed a solution to almost double the useable space: the creation of a suspended atrium.

First, we reestablished the barn’s foundation by repointing the stone and exposing the foundation wall, and we inset vertical steel columns to hold timber-split ring trusses that supported the roof and floor loads and minimized the load distributed to the old foundation. Steel I beam columns were installed inboard of the foundation walls to carry the trusses that supported the atrium, a 1,125-square-foot “floating” floor.

The goal of the project was to reuse as much of the existing structure and incorporate both reclaimed materials for the flooring, beams, and other areas and modern structural elements such as steel, rusted steel panels, exposed steel wide flanges, stainless cables and railings, and exposed spiral ducts. The existing timbers of the barn were removed and reworked to become a part of the building’s interior. Inside, a concrete first floor with a Venetian stained finish was installed, replicating the original dirt floor.

Today, this project has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. This enduring structure meets the aesthetic needs of this historic community and business needs of the developer and its office space tenants.