We have mentioned before that Houzz should be one of  your first stops when creating a vision of your home. When you are renovating your home or building your home from scratch you can select the type of roof you want. According to an article on houzz.com, there are a few options when going this route and below are a list of types from which you can choose.

Did you know there are over 10 different roof designs to select from?

Photo From: http://media.northjersey.com

  1. Mansard Roof. This type of roof is made up of four slopes, two on each side of the home. The lower slope is a steeper, more vertical slope than the upper slope. The upper slope may or may not be visible from the ground. This French style allows for additional living space or storage space at the top of the house.
  2. Gambrel Roof. This type of roof is very similar to the Mansard Roof. The core differences are that the gambrel has vertical gable ends and the roof hangs over the facade of the home. It gives the house a built in porch look. Additionally this one is Dutch-inspired instead of French.
  3. Saltbox Roof. This is an asymmetrical long pitched roof with one short side and one very long side. Often times this results in a home that is one story in height on one side of the building and two stories on the other side.
  4. Pyramid Roof. This type is usually used either on small portions, or on small structures such as a garage or pool house.
  5. Hip Roof. This is very similar to the pyramid. The difference is that instead of coming to a point at the top the four sides meet at a ridge or a flat spot creating a square on the top.
  6. Bonnet Roof. This type is similar to the pyramid or hip roof. The difference is that two of the slides slope out an angle. The most common purpose for this is to cover a veranda or outdoor porch area.
  7. Flat Roof. The benefits of a flat roof include that it’s easier to construct, safer if you’re going to stand on top of it and generally more accessible. The main drawback is that it requires more maintenance in large part because debris will gather on the roof with nowhere to go.
  8. Cross Gabled Roof. There are many types of gabled roofs, but the overall design is that they essentially look like triangles from the front of the home.
  9. Arched Roof. This is typically only used on a portion of the home but adds a great aesthetic touch the architecture of the house.
  10. Skillion Roof. This is a single sloping surface. One modern architectural option is to use skillion roofing on a multi-level home to create unique shapes and patterns for the home’s exterior.

So, if you’re ready to update your home, or are building a new house, and want it to look different than your neighbors, give us a call, we’d love to show you what you can do with your home to set it apart.