How to have a productive meeting with your architect As you begin a construction or renovation project, there are some things you should think about and know the answers to before you begin interviewing for an architect. You should: Be able to describe your basic goals to the architect. Understand and set a realistic expectation for the scope and […]

Are you creating a luxury home wine cellar to protect your investment and enjoy your passion in peace? We have some wine cellar innovations  you should check out. Take a look out our most recent completed interior design project. Whatever your goals are for your wine cellar, these images will help you plan it. Connect […]

Our Favorite Exterior Design Images for Commercial Construction – Harding, NJ Click here for the entire gallery Connect with HHTA Here at HHTA, we can help you create memorable commercial properties that impress. Hiland Hall Turner Architects have award winning designers helping commercial real estate owners throughout New Jersey. Hiland Hall Turner Architects, P.A. 2 […]