Have a successful historic home renovation with these 5 tips You see a Benihana chef flip some shrimp into a gentleman’s shirt pocket. You think, “that looks easy, I could do that”. So too with renovating your historical home. It may seem like a simple task but it is anything but. It takes planning, dedication, […]

What’s Your Strategy for Restoring your Home? Making the decision to restore your New Jersey house takes planning and strategy. The problem for most homeowners in NJ is not the lack of options, but the abundance of them. Choosing something as simple as a door handle can have thousands of shades and varieties. But we […]

New Jersey Home Design Trends for 2014 New New Jersey homes are being built every day. According to Kiplinger’s Economic Outlook, “there’s more expansion ahead for the housing market in 2014, with starts and new-home sales continuing to rise at double-digit rates, thanks to tight inventory. (Click here to Read More)”. In a state with the […]

Historic Homes – 5 Tips for Radiator Repair Quit stifling your one-pipe steam radiator. Hands off. The steam needs to share confined space with naturally occurring radiator condensation. Be sure to keep your valve either completely open or 100% shut to avoid hissing  air vents and pipe pounding.  Thermostatic radiator valves are ideal when you […]

Historic homes, according to the United States Department of the Interior, are classified as being any home older than fifty years. This means many homes across New Jersey are quickly meeting this qualification. Historic homes have a certain character which can make them stand out among rows of picket fences. However, they need to display […]

Robert Frost once wrote that “good fences make good neighbors.”  Far be it from us to question Mr. Frost but we politely disagree.  The people of New Jersey have proven time and time again that we are always here to help each other. HHTA has been proud to call New Jersey home for almost twenty-five […]