Additions – Construction Tips

Additions are not a small matter. There are many ways for you to create a completely new space. Hiland Hall Turner Architects is here to give you 4 great ideas on how you can expand your home into a luxurious, high-end, estate. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Number One – Integrate the back of your house into your yard

patio and sunbathing area in new home construction project by hiland hall turner architects in new jersey

Adding on to the back of your house is fantastic for creating a luxurious indoor/outdoor environment . In older homes, these additions often tend to be kitchens, living rooms, or offices.

Number Two – Integrate a variety of different materials

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When you’re adding on to your house, to help integrate the addition into the home, and create a high-end estate, use different materials. Combine stonework, with wood for example to create an exquisite look.

Number Three – Your Addition Should Integrate Well

small additions or big additions, make sure it is proportional with your home.

When adding to your home, be sure to keep the size of the addition in mind. Bring out the beauty of your home, and create an estate by adding and renovating in the right places. Here at HHTA we can help you reimagine your home.

Number Four – Create Something Unique

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Create the premier house of the neighborhood. Whether it is an open, airy pool house, custom wine cellar, or movie theater, here at HHTA we can help you turn your home into a luxurious estate you don’t want to leave.


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