After Hurricane Sandy, HHTA partnered together with NJ builders and other related professionals who specialized in rebuilding and restoring buildings impacted by natural disasters to make it easier for coastal homeowners to rebuild and restore their NJ shore homes. We have been dedicated to helping people rebuild their waterfront homes, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Although, here at HHTA we had been acknowledged for superior residential design, we didn’t realize how valuable our expertise was until after the storm, when we surveyed the worst impacted areas, and saw that the shore homes we designed and build were not only still standing, but weathered the storm virtually unscathed.

With over 25 years of experience designing and building waterfront homes, from Nova Scotia to Florida, and everywhere in-between, we have the knowledge and technical capabilities to build homes that can withstand the worst weather conditions.


We bring together the best rapid response design, build and construction professionals. From surveyors and engineers to landscape architects and interior designers, we provide you comprehensive services from initial concept to completion.

Under a single contract, with one unified flow of work from beginning to end, project delivery is dramatically streamlined providing an advantage over the standard design-bid-build approach. This saves you, the homeowner, from multiple contracts, and longer time frames.

Our integrated team allows seasoned professionals to develop joint solutions and craft a building that is aesthetically pleasing and engineered to last. Our creative, dynamic process produces structures that are stronger, and provides us the flexibility to draw on diverse talent to match our client’s needs.

Our Design/Build Approach Ensures:

  • Faster Delivery
  • Cost Savings
  • Better Quality

You can be confident that our team is familiar with all the applicable codes and permits, including CAFRA (Coastal Areas Facilities Act) and DEP requirements. We are here to not only build your individual homes, but to rebuild coastal communities, achieving stronger, more sustainable results.


Whether you need to rebuild a multi-million dollar home, fortify a modest family residence, or redesign and rebuild an entire shore community we are here to engineer architectural solutions that will protect both the people and the property of coastal communities. We will take every geographical detail of your site into consideration and design and build a structure that is proven to hold strong in disaster zones. We strive to create designs that will reduce avoidable risks from future environmental changes and foster building methods that are technically advanced, yet seek to preserve existing historic character and charm.


For those who are uninsured, underinsured or otherwise have been unable to rebuild we offer a rapid response solution enabling homeowners to acquire a  cost-efficient, manufactured home to replace a damaged home—at a fraction of the price of a stick-built home. Structurally sound and engineered to withstand the impact of extreme NJ weather events, our modular homes are an affordable, quickly implemented option in times of crisis—and provide a tastefully designed and attractive home for your immediate needs. Contact us today to see if this is the right solution for your NJ shore house rebuild.