New Jersey Home Design Trends for 2014

New New Jersey homes are being built every day. According to Kiplinger’s Economic Outlook, “there’s more expansion ahead for the housing market in 2014, with starts and new-home sales continuing to rise at double-digit rates, thanks to tight inventory. (Click here to Read More)”. In a state with the economy the size of Austria’s GDP (Click here), NJ families are rebuilding, repairing and reconstructing. People are building new homes and updating old houses. Based on the Kiplinger’s report, we expect a 4 percent rise in existing home sales, to just below 5 and a half million in the US this year. New Jersey will be a part of this rise as homeowners flee New York (click here for Forbes article).


How are people updating NJ homes?

With each new project on restored and new homes, we’ve noticed a few building and design trends with homeowners. Here is what is going on inside the houses being built every day in New Jersey for 2014.

5 NJ Home Construction Trends for 2014

1. Focal Kitchens

Historically, the kitchen was reconciled to low traffic areas near the back of the home. However, in 2014, we see New Jersey customs shifting. Over time the kitchen has become the center of the home. Homeowners are using the kitchen as an accessible space designed for daily family juggling. By having the kitchen remain open, moms and dads can help their kids with homework, as they do their taxes (which are due pretty soon) , all while keeping an eye on the meal they are cooking.

Kitchen, Open Floor Plan with semi-formal dining area. Focal Kitchens are becoming a 2014 construction trend

Open Floor Plan Kitchen in Bernardsville, NJ

2. Peace and Quiet

Homeowners are employing their house as a retreat from the stresses of work. The home is becoming the new place for micro-vacations. What’s a  private getaway without some spa treatment? Requests are made every day in places like middletown, New Jersey for the glorious spa bathroom.

spa bathroom 2014 home trend. Construction trends are seeing spa bathrooms become a necessity for new homeowners.

Cozy Spa Bathroom in Middletown, NJ.

Keep an eye out for bathrooms with walk-in showers equipped with benches and sauna features, cozy bathtubs and inviting heated tile flooring. When planning construction, many homeowners find inspiration for their future spa bath on pinterest. (Click here for some Pinterest ideas)

3. Flex Space

Let’s face it, more and more homes are becoming multi-generational. According to the Huffington Post, there is a rising amount of senior citizens in the U.S. moving back home with their kids (Read More). This shift has started a trend of NJ homeowners building “Flex Rooms” (Click here to see Flex Room Ideas on Pinterest). Flex rooms are generally bedrooms planned to create space for larger families to relax, read or ruminate.

These rooms represent the freedom to have options, say if there is a natural disaster, or if the family grows, or you want to claim your man space.

Although, many homeowners are building flex rooms with private entrances. These type of flex spaces are normally intended to generate some passive income with a renter. Usually, that is until the family needs the space. Either way, it makes sense to build for the future. Throw your hat over the wall.

flex space redo reconstruction design

Click this image for a link to an awesome blog by two awesome sustainable architects

4. Building with Nature

Homeowners are looking to save on long term home costs while limiting harm to the environment. This change in thinking sparked the adoption of a home that is saving money and the planet; the passive home. This house works with nature, not against it. That is, this house harnesses the sun, wind, and air flow to minimize long term cost of running a home. (To learn more about passive homes click here)

5. Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are here to stay. According to ClipperCreek, an authority on electric vehicle charging,  cities like Palo Alto and Santa Clara “mandated new homes and non-residential buildings be pre-wired to accommodate electric vehicle charging stations during their construction. This prevents owners from having to pay up to $2,000 to redo wiring in a building that has already been constructed, pre-wiring  buildings during original construction  only costs around $200.” Even in New Jersey, it’s easy to find businesses and homes with e-vehicle charging stations(Click here to see if there are charging stations near you).

Chances are, in the not too distant future, you will be charging your car rather than filling it at the gas station. We are seeing more future homeowners and people rebuilding requesting electrical charging station rewiring. It’s something to think about, specifically for resale.

evihicle Tesla Model S. Electric Charging stations at your home are required for these beautiful cars that produce no CO2

Tesla Model S. Electric Charging at your home is required for these beautiful cars which produce no CO2.

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