Stone Portico at Dusk designed by HHTAHow to have a productive meeting with your architect

As you begin a construction or renovation project, there are some things you should think about and know the answers to before you begin interviewing for an architect. You should:

  • Be able to describe your basic goals to the architect.
  • Understand and set a realistic expectation for the scope and cost of your project so your architect can help you set realistic goals.
  • Prepare examples of homes you like in order to clearly communicate your goals. Example images from magazines, on Pinterest, or Houzz are a great way to do this.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the architect(s) you are interviewing for your project.

Below are 11 questions that our team of architects think are important to ask when you meet with your architect during the planning stage of your construction project.


11 Questions to Ask Your Architect:

1. What is your firm’s design philosophy?
Bowling Alley in a Home designed by HHTA2. How long do you estimate the design process will take for our project?
3. What would you anticipate the length of the construction process to be for a project of this scale and scope?
4. Would you describe the steps involved in the architectural process?
5. How do you establish or structure your project fees?
6. Will there be any engineering consultants involved in our project? Is this included in your fees?
7. How frequently do you bill, and what are the conditions of payment for work to continue on our project?
8. How do you manage and communicate about money during the process?
9. If the scope of the project changes as it proceeds, will your fees increase?
10. What should we anticipate as a per square foot cost range?
11. Do you help us to select a builder?


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